Used Dance Shoes

Used dance shoes can be a great option. Especially when...

-You are trying a new genre "I think I'll love ballet!"

-You want to take a class just for kicks "Let's take tap next semester!"

-You want to save money "What dancer doesn't??"

-You want to be eco-friendly and reduce needless dance waste one pair of shoes at a time "The whales will thank me!"

Yes, there are many fabulous reasons for buying used dance shoes.

There are also some.. not so fabulous things to be aware of.

Ballet Pointe Shoes

Pointe Shoes are often advertised as lightly used or like new. If you can, contact the individual and confirm that the shoes were only used to do a couple of releves in her living room.

Pointe shoes at the dance shoes store go through that, and you should be ok.

Of course, pointe shoes mold to your feet, so the less molded they are to someone elses feet, the better. And of course of course, you never, never, never want to buy used pointe shoes until you have danced for many years and know exactly what shoes you need.

Contact whomever you are buying from. Ask questions to confirm that the quality of shoe is good and the correct make and size. If they aren't going through a tried and tested site like ebay or paypal, set a plan up where you pay half up front and half when the shoes arrive and are correct. Talk to your parent or teacher to get a second oppinion on the source.

There are a lot of honest dancers trying to sell used shoes. And there are some shaddy folks just trying to make a quick buck. No need to be parinoid, but worth a double check.

Used Dance Shoes Sellers

Check these links for used dance shoes.

Many, many studios have a used shoe exchange/shop. Call and check with a dance shoes store near you.

Ballet Shoes

Enkore Kids


Jazz Shoes


Modern Shoes

Hip Hop Shoes


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