Capulet Pointe Shoes

Capulet pointe shoes fit in the same category as Gaynor Mindens. They have a classic pointe shoe outside with state-of-the-art technology inside.

Most pointe shoe brands have perfected the art of making pointe shoes to be comfortable and last. All of these companies still use most of the same material used when pointe shoes were in their infancy, glue cardboard, berlap...

The makers of Capulet pointe shoes were looking to do more than perfect what has been done. They wanted to revolutionize the way pointe shoes are made.

Ballet Pointe Shoes
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Juliet Pointe D30

This shoe is not for everyone. I'm not able to recomend it to beginners until I have more experience with them. But if you are an experienced dancer looking for something new to try, go for it!

They are available to order online, but Capulet suggests you contact their US representative Julie. She has "had much success fitting dancers through e-mail/phone contact."

I always suggest you find a pointe shoe fitter in your area, but they might not be in your neck of the woods yet. So, if you are interested in trying the Juliet with D30, contact Julie.

(619) 995-8461

She is very nice and quick to respond.

Ballet Pointe Shoes
Pointe D30
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Capulet found a group of chemists who had invented a new type of material called D30. This new stuff absorbs impact, taking stress away from the dancer, while holding its shape. This is a perfect combination for shoes that take a big beating.

D30 lines the inside of Capulet's Pointe D30. It protects the dancer's foot by lining the box, platform and shank.

(If you are a true dance shoe nerd, here is a 10 minute vid about the science.)

I have never had reservations about companies like Gaynor Minden, who are willing to think outside of the box. Dancers feet are worth protecting and advances in pointe shoe technology has allowed more women to dance on pointe without injury.

As of now, Capulet has one pointe shoe, the Pointe D30, but it is already being used by ballet companies and principles, especially in Europe. If they are as fabulous as they sound, I'm sure that will not be true for too long. I am very excited to see where this UK based company goes from here.

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