Get the Right Fit for
Your Ballet Shoes

You will want to look for different things in your ballet shoes as your feet are growing!

I have heard several different versions of how to find the right shoe for your foot. Here is what I have found works best for me and my students.

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10 Years and Under

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My young ballet enthusiasts! You are young and still growing. Fit your shoes with an inch pinch of room at the end of your big toe. You will most likely fill it in a couple of months :)

But don't get shoes that are bigger than that even if they have a drawstring! I have seen some unfortunate tumbles due to big shoes that slips off or are tripped over. Sad!

One more warning! You may be tempted by those cute, satin ballet slipperslippers (you know the ones in department stores that are so cute and soft and sparkly!) but DON'T DO IT!

I don't allow these in my class because they are very slippery on dance floors. Every student I've ever seen wear them ended up on her butt and in tears at some point (a few during their performance!).

11 to 15 Years Old

You are starting to decide how serious you are about ballet, so this is your time to experiment with what ballet shoe makes your feet wan'na dance!

Experiment with different materials and brands, and don't be afraid to try something different than what the other kids in your class are wearing. You are unique and so what works best on your feet might not be what works for others.

You are still have a chance of growing so give yourself a little wiggle room when buying your shoes. You want a good thumb pinch at the toes and half a pinch on the sides. This will make the shoe last longer as you grow and keep you from getting rubbed raw. Always make sure they fit well enough to move around in without fear of tripping over them.

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ballet shoes

16 and Up!

This is a great time to be buying ballet shoes, because your feet have pretty much grown. You can fine tune your preferences to have the material, make and size that you love.

Be sure that you still size the shoe to be just a pinch past your big toe. Too tight and you will end up with big toe bruises just from running into the end of your shoe!

Once you have an idea of what works for you, run with it! And always be on the lookout for new exciting styles. Now, dance shoe brands are always trying to find a better way to show off mature feet.

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