Attaching Taps to Character Shoes

I have just bought taps for my capezio character shoes and I do not know how to put them on. The taps came with screws and tacks but could you help me know how to put them together?


I'm apprehensive about what I do to my new shoes too. I'm always scared I'm going to mess it up.

The soundboard is traditionally attached to the shoe first (with the tacks) and then you'll attach the tap with the screws.

Now the soundboard is something you may or may not have and may or may not be using. For more on the pro's con's of soundboards check out this debate on

Now, I am not an expert on putting taps on tap shoes, so I asked one, and she said you can't mess it up :)

She said just go for it. Lay the tap on the bottom of the shoe and screw the screw right into the sole of the shoe. You might have to push hard but don't let that scare you.

Good news is you can unscrew the taps and use them as character shoes whenever you want. Lots of dancers use them for both.

Have fun! You'll do great!


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